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About the Card Number Generator

Take a step back and think of all the times you've needed to enter a credit card number. Obviously, you did it when you bought something - but you might also have used it to register on a website, test out a website, or even set up a free trial.

Not all of those uses need your actual credit card, however. And what's more, there are real security risks to using your actual card number across multiple sites. Data breaches happen every year, and every site that has your CC number is a potential risk.

One way to work around these issues is to use a random credit card number generator. This tool generates a realistic credit card number that isn't tied to any account; it checks all the boxes for an actual credit card, but won't cost the user anything.

Think you might need one? Check out these frequently asked questions about All Front’s own Credit Card Number Generator.

What is a Credit Card Number Generator?

It's a simple web-based tool that allows you to generate a completely random, realistic credit card number at the push of a button. You can find credit card generators for nearly any card type, and many for debit cards as well.

Can I buy things with a Card Number Generator?

No. The numbers produced by the Credit Card Number Generator are real, in the sense that they conform to all the rules of a valid credit card number. That includes Luhn's algorithm - see more below. But these numbers aren't linked to any real credit card account, so there's no money for purchases.

What can I do with a Credit Card Number Generator?

You can't buy anything with a random credit card number, but you can use them for a number of other purposes:

  • Free trials - when the trial ends, there's no account to bill; the account will close automatically
  • Testing - developers use fake credit card numbers to validate processes on e-commerce sites and other services
  • Registration - some free registrations require a valid credit card number. Use our credit card generator to get a valid number without disclosing unnecessary personal info.

How does a CC number generator work?

All Front’s credit card generator produces a full set of cardholder and credit card details. The actual number is produced according to Luhn's algorithm, the standard checksum used to produce card validation numbers.
In essence, the generator creates a digital dummy credit card. There's no actual account linked to the number, so it won't pass an active credit card check. The number can be used for verification purposes and testing. All Front’s credit card generator also produces a complete set of credit card details for the various card types.

What is Luhn's algorithm?

Luhn's algorithm is used as a checksum, a way to validate a number by checking the number of the number in a given sequence. Luhn's algorithm is commonly employed in government-issued IDs, as well as by every major credit card company. AMEX (American Express), Visa, and Mastercard all use numbers that follow credit card validation procedures using Luhn's algorithm.

Luhn's algorithm doesn't detect suspicious activity when it comes to credit card numbers but is used for verification purposes. The algorithm detects simple errors and can therefore identify a valid card from an invalid one. The same process works for debit cards as well as other products like government-issued IDs.

Are Credit Card Number Generators illegal?

Simple card generator tools like All Front’s fake card generator aren't illegal. Luhn's algorithm is in the public domain, and simply creating a number isn't illegal. Nowadays all card transactions are processed and validated within seconds, and attempting to use a number from the card generator in a production online checkout for a real transaction is not going to work. In addition, there are a number of processes that require a credit card validator for testing purposes.

The cardholder credit card details created with the credit card number generator are all random, and the credit card issuers aren't associated with the tool.