We conduct interviews, research and prototyping to better understand your requirements and gather all the necessary information that will help us move to the next step.

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User Story Definition

Clients' requirements are split into user stories - the informal, natural language description of a software system's features. Each story is a block of work that provides business value, can be estimated and is small enough to fit in one iteration.

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Stories are arranged in order of priority and placed into a backlog. Doing so ensures that we abide by strict deadlines and that maximum business value is delivered as fast as possible.

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Through our rigorous planning, we identify the elements that we can deliver to you in 1 to 2 weeks' time.

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As the week progresses, clients get to see the progress of each task in real-time as user stories are ticked off one by one.

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Weekly Demo

This is carried out towards the end of the 1 to 2-week period. During the presentation, we showcase the features that were written and gather vital feedback that will help us improve the product and process.

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Following the demo, our team identifies what could have been done better during the sprint, while we outline actionable improvements.

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High-quality, custom-made
web apps

We develop world-class products which are user-oriented and can scale up or down according to your business' needs.

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What our team can do for you

A well-developed product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also functional and helpful to your users can improve business accessibility. By taking advantage of our proven processes, our developers can build and continuously test, making your project a success.


Single-Page Apps

Highly performant and scaleable, our single-page apps are responsive and written from the ground up with the future in mind.


Upgrades and Migration

Upgrade your app, portal or site to the latest and greatest technology and reap the benefits of performance, stability, security and development speed.



Why hire two teams when you can achieve everything you need with one? Thanks to cutting-edge Trusted Web Activity (TWA) technology, we can write one app that is deployed to the Google play store.

How we deliver

Our web development process is based on Agile methodology. Providing multiple opportunities for stakeholder and team engagement, you have full visibility and control of the process throughout the project.


We achieve quality through our people, processes, technologies used and testing.



We invest in our team by making sure that each and every one of us is up to speed with the latest tech. For new developments in product design and development head to our blog.



We leverage Automated Code Quality tooling like SonarQube and jscpd to detect problems before they even make it to code reviews.



Part of our process includes code reviews by at least 2 senior developers, the use of gitflow and naming conventions in commits, while we set well-defined requirements to prevent any rework.



Our strict and continuous testing guarantees top quality. We can build software that automatically tests your product as per industry standards (ANSI/IEEE 1008-1987) like unit testing, integration testing and end to end testing which can be adapted to your budget and needs.



Native traditional web and mobile apps can have several limitations. Using state-of-the-art TWA / PWA technology, we can deploy your web app on browser and android effectively, offering a consistent and responsive experience across all devices, while cutting your costs in half and saving you recruitment and development time. If you are interested to find out more, read our article on PWA, or our overview on TWA.

Ready to turn tyre-kickers into loyal users?

Whether or not we end up working together, we're happy to brainstorm strategies. Our hard-earned insights can give your product a competitive edge regardless.