High-quality, custom-made web apps

We develop world-class web apps for your business' needs that are user-oriented and highly scalable.

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What We Do

With proven methods & robust QA, our skilled dev team can build a highly performant app that is a joy to use for end-users.

Automate Your Business

Do more with less. We will help you simplify and digitise your business operations by developing software tailor-made for you.

Augment Your Team

Delegate complex challenges without long-term commitments. Our agile resources will help you meet deadlines and impress clients.

Fast Track Your Launch

Think it's time to launch? Our team specialises in getting digital products to market swiftly and efficiently, without surprises.

Prevent, Not Cure

Our developers will implement safe-guards and continuously test to ensure your product is up to the highest industry & user standards.

Test, Don't Guess

We will develop a market-ready MVP in just 3 months so you can evaluate the feasibility of your idea, with minimal risk.

Expand Your Reach

Broaden your reach by launching to three platforms (Android, iOS, Web) with one solution, saving on development time & costs.

How we deliver

Our web development process is based on Agile methodology. Providing multiple opportunities for stakeholder and team engagement, you have full visibility and control of the process throughout the project.


Development Services

Build, scale, augment, maintain. Our in-house dev team has your back and enables you to quickly scale up and down with talented resources that can get productive from day one.

Front-End Development

Blending modern UX with technology, we are set to build functional and interactive user-facing features that perform equally well across your app.

Back-End Development

We leverage a variety of backend tools to adapt to the need. Whether you're launching a proof-of-concept or an app with a robust micro-service architecture, our team will get it done.

Performance Optimisation

Facing a performance issue? Or maybe you want to modernise your app? We will upgrade your product with up-to-date tech so you can reap the benefits of performance, stability, security and development speed.

Cross-Platform Apps

Why hire three teams when you can achieve everything you need with one? Thanks to React-Native / TWA technology, we can write one app that is deployed to the web & on mobile.

Staff Augmentation

Our experienced engineers will be entirely dedicated to your project’s success. The team will be selected by their knowledge & expertise to ensure it meets your business needs.

Free Technical Consultation

Challenging problem? Want to know where and how to improve your technical processes? We'll provide actionable insights to improve delivery speed, productivity, and efficiency in a free consultation.

Some of the tools we work with

Our team adapts to your tools and ways of working. Using the latest and greatest tech, we will work hard to give you the most optimal solution.

Some of the tools we work with

Our team adapts to your tools and ways of working. Using the latest and greatest tech, we will work hard to give you the most optimal solution.

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Some MVPs we've launched...



We achieve quality through our people, processes, technologies and testing.


We stay up to date...

One of the ways we invest in our team is by ensuring that everyone is up to date on the latest technology. Visit our blog for the latest in product design and development.


We Double, Triple Check

Part of our process includes code reviews by at least 2 senior developers, the use of gitflow and naming conventions in commits, while we set well-defined requirements to prevent any unnecessary rework.


We know our tests

Our strict and continuous testing guarantees top quality. We build automated tools that test your product as per industry standards and tailor testing strategies (ex: unit, integration, e2e) to your budget.

Common Questions

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions by clients and entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey.

Common Questions

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions by clients and entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey.

How does the cooperation between your team and a customer look like?

Depends on the project. If you already have a development team, we will integrate seamlessly with your internal team, joining standups, planning meetings and taking ownership of any tasks assigned. If you don’t, you can think about it as if you’ve hired a CTO - we will set up a process and collaborate with your product owner to execute features week after week, regularly demoing our progress.

Why should I hire you instead of my own developer?

We’re a small company and as one of our clients said, we “treat your success as our own”. This means you’ll immediately get a dedicated and motivated team that has worked together from day one - with the skills to deliver. You don’t need to go through lengthy hiring processes, can scale up and down quickly, and can do so without commitment.

Do I need wireframes and mockups?

We have an internal UX & UI designer that can help with that, however, it depends on the product. It may not always be necessary.

What happens after you finish my app?

We have different arrangements - in some cases, we’ve agreed to a “maintenance for equity” agreement. With others, the product is ever evolving and growing as more marketing campaigns are launched, new segments of the market are untapped and competitors upgrade their offering.

Should I have prior technical knowledge to work with you?

No. We’ve worked with founders and product owners with different levels of technical knowledge. Whenever a technical decision needs to be made that impacts your product, we will present you with the pros and cons of each option so that you are armed with the knowledge to make the right decision for your business.

How often will I receive updates?

With team augmentation projects, our developers will update you every day on what they worked on the previous day, and what they plan on achieving for the day. With fixed-scope projects, we prepare a demo at the end of every sprint (usually 2 - 3 weeks).

Will you sign an NDA?

We’ve signed NDAs with all clients that have provided us with one. Case studies are launched with prior written consent and approval - usually after the project is launched. As a bonus we’d usually give our clients a do-follow link in case studies, leading to SEO benefits.

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Let’s get talking

Whether or not we end up working together, we're happy to brainstorm and share tech recommendations. Our hard-earned insights will give you a competitive edge regardless.