About Us

All Front is a full-service front-end agency. Through consulting and operational execution, we have helped many companies take their applications to the front-end by building products that are more convenient for customers and more efficient for their administration.

Over several years of work with All Front technology, we have acquired in-depth knowledge and Experience on a wide range of programming languages. We understand how people use this, what features provide the most value and all the logic that makes it go. We believe that a good command of these languages is essential to building secure ard user-friendly applications.This is why we invest heavily in being on top of our game and constantly up to speed with the latest technology.

Always up for a challenge, our experience lies in the Fintech sector, where we have helped companies that are fully stacked with back-end developers but have neglected the front-end side of their applications use our capabilities to finish their projects through constant progress and professional workflow optimization.

Our team

From Humans to Humans

All Front is not just millions of lines of code and thousands of financial transactions made through our clients' products. Technology matters, but so do the humans behind it. We're a bunch of front-end and UX loving humans who strive to transform businesses by creating tools that are technically sound and excite users thanks to seamless design and structure.

Photo of David Stellini

David Stellini

Head of Front-End

Photo of Hagen Ebejer

Hagen Ebejer

UX/UI designer

Photo of David Mifsud

David Mifsud

Technical Architect

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