MVP Workshop 101

Launch your digital product

in just 3 months


Learn everything

from planning, budgeting to pitching to investors.


learning outcomes

Leave the workshop with battle-tested insights from industry experts.

Best Practices

Explore different techniques, processes and practices that will help you succeed on your journey.

Avoid Costly Pitfalls

Learn valuable lessons from the mistakes of fellow entrepreneurs. Tackle known challenges with a tried-and-tested approach.

Get To Market Quickly

Learn how to launch in three months and establish your position as a market leader in spite of stiff competition.

Maximise Value

Don’t squander your money. Learn how and which features to prioritize that provide the most business value.

Understand Your Market

Learn how to build a human-centric product through in-depth research of your market and end-users.

Utilize Software Tools

Make the most out of available technology to expedite your launch. We’ll provide you with tools for each stage of the MVP process.

what to expect

Check out the modules we'll be covering or customise your own.

From Idea to Product

Develop a clear plan to manage your resources and make sure you have the right tools for success.


We will cover real-world examples and hands-on training exercises to help you prepare for your journey.

Q&A Session

You’ll have the chance to get answers and expert insight to all your burning MVP questions.


Pick Your Modules

Know your gaps? Pick your modules. You have complete control over the content; select or skip as many modules as you need.


MVP Fundamentals

Develop a deeper understanding of MVPs by starting out from the basics - terminology, processes, tools and more.


Preparation for MVP

Lay the groundwork for an MVP success - from market research to testing & building a solid business plan.


Building the MVP

Getting to the nitty-gritty, this module delves into technical aspects of your MVP, such as the tech stack, processes, and best practices.


Launching your MVP

Prepare for a successful launch day - learn how to acquire your first users, plan releases, and gather feedback.



Pick the most important metrics to measure success & learn how to incorporate user feedback in following iterations.


Customise your Module

Want to deep dive on a particular module, or perhaps you have something fresh you'd like us to cover? We're all ears.

your instructors

Get to know workshop instructors.


David Stellini

CTO / Co-Founder at All Front

CTO at All Front - a talented dev & UX / UI team that specialises in launching and building MVPs for startups & enterprises. Hands on experience developing products, agile processes, growing development teams. Products he's worked on are used by over half a million users globally across a number of verticals, including RegTech, Fintech, Travel, E-commerce and more. Software Lecturer, speaker & mentor at STC Training Malta.


Hagen Ebejer

Co-Founder at All Front / Head of Product design

Co-founder of All Front with a proven track record in product design, UX and UI. Designed over a hundred products in tandem with clients and development teams. Experienced in working on projects in all stages: varying from inception, ideation, to project rescue. A rich background in software development also means Hagen is able to build human-centered designs without creating headaches for developers.

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Common Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our interactive workshops.

Common Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our interactive workshops.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is perfect for first-time founders, entrepreneurs and early-stage startup teams, who want to plan, build and launch an MVP - without the pains of trial and error.

Do participants need to prepare anything in advance?

We’re going to ask participants to fill out a quick form with questions about their product prior to the workshop - so we can have a better understanding of the stage they’re at and tailor the content of the workshop accordingly.

Can the workshop be done remotely or in person?

The workshop can be done remotely. You will have access to the online materials and be able to ask questions and participate in the session. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a quiet place to work.

What’s the workshop agenda?

Depending on the package you choose, we have 2 options: a 1.5-hour and 3-hour workshop - with a break in between and a Q&A session at the end. You can check out what each package includes below. The modules that we’ll cover are up to you - pick and choose as many as you wish from 5 modules, request a new one that’s not on the list, or let us recommend what we think would work best for your cohort. Don’t forget to fill out the eligibility form to see if you meet the criteria for a free premium workshop!

Why should you choose our MVP workshop?

Our MVP workshop combines practical lessons with real-world examples and hands-on exercises to provide valuable insight into the process of planning, building and launching a successful digital product. This combination is unparalleled and is what sets our MVP workshop apart from other programs.

How does this workshop expedite the MVP development process?

It’s very common for first-time founders to learn what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. Our workshop walks you through the most optimal process of developing an MVP for your product to avoid overcomplicating, spending too much time and resources, and blowing your budget.


Have a look at our basic and premium packages that will prepare your startup with technical knowledge they need to thrive.


1.5 Hours Workshop


Per Member

5 Modules
Request your own module
Interactive Case study exercise
Interactive 1 on 1 session
Email access to instructors


3 Hours Workshop


Per Member

5 Modules
Request your own module
Interactive Case study exercise
Interactive 1 on 1 session
Email access to instructors

*Minimum of 10 members per workshop.

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